THE DAYS FROM PESACH TO SHAVUOT   constitute a growth process, where each day brings us closer to the culmination of freedom in a renewed covenant of love with the Almighty. Each day, we count the Sefirat HaOmer, climbing towards the finale on day 50. Mystical Jewish traditions have seen these 49 intermediary days as a sequence of steps that follow the nested patterns of the Seven Sefirot, or the ways in which God interacts with our world. Join us as we reflect on the actionable insights for personal growth each day of this rich season of the Jewish year.

This series was delivered over Zoom in 2020, before the establishment of SinaiStudios; as a result, the episodes were only recorded in audio, without video. Additionally, we only began the series on Day 08 of the Sefirat HaOmer. So, while the production quality isn’t our current standard, we anticipate that the Torah quality still is!

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Sefirat HaOmer Days 30 & 31: Gevura ShebeHod & Tiferet ShebeHod | Middot HaYom Series 2020

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