Pesach Series

Join us in a 20-part series as we explore the texts and experiences of Seder Night. In just 8-12 minutes per episode, we cover the Rambam’s fundamentals themes of the Haggadah in episodes 1-5; followed by 15 episodes explaining the Haggadah from cover to cover. Take your Pesach to the next level and discover freedom through Judaism’s timeless texts this Pesach!

All Pesach Episodes:

Conclusion: Are We Home, Yet? | Pesach Series Pt. 20

For our final episode in this series, we discuss the last two sections of the Haggadah – Hallel and Nirtzah – and consider the significance of the fifth cup to the cycles of exile and our ultimate redemption. Thank you to all those who participated with me along the journey through the Haggadah! Next year in Jerusalem!

Foray into Food | Pesach Series Pt. 19

Following the conclusion of Maggid, we move through the eating portions of Seder Night while discussing some of the more technical requirements as well as the ideas that animate these unique opportunities.

Praise and Dreams | Pesach Series Pt. 18

We finally wrap up the Maggid section of the Haggadah with a quick dive into Hallel’s praises, and close with a blessing to absorb tonight’s achievements into our lives moving forward along the road to complete redemption.

Three Things Worth Recalling | Pesach Series Pt. 17

Before we leap into songs of praise, Rabban Gamliel reminds us not to overlook the three foods on our table which represent themes of our freedom story: the Pesach offering, Matzah, and Marror. Here, we explore some of the central ideas embodied by these items on the Seder table.

Compounded Gratitude | Pesach Series Pt. 16

Freedom, without gratitude, isn’t true freedom. But there are so many things to be thankful for – where to begin? Today’s episode explores the theme of counting miracles in the Haggadah, and explores the powerful ideas conveyed within the Dayenu song.

Broad Strokes in Redemption | Pesach Series Pt. 15

In this longer episode, we attempt to unpack the structure of Arami Oved Avi to understand each verse as another stage within the Exile-to-Redemption process.

Worth Fighting For | Pesach Series Pt. 14

Inheritance is one of those words which rings throughout Israel’s national psyche. We trace the primal covenant of our peoplehood’s history to find its’ relevance today, and begin moving into the heart of the story-telling experience, Arami Oved Avi.

Quest and Covenant | Pesach Series Pt. 13

Finally, the Haggadah turns to its’ second freedom narrative – Mitchila Ovdei Avoda Zara – that of the journey from idolatry to a covenant with ultimate Truth. The security of God’s promise to Avraham becomes expressed in Baruch Shomer Havtachato L’Yisrael, the most wondrous covenant with a people to stand the test of time itself.

The Non-Educational Seder | Pesach Series Pt. 12

We conclude the two of the Four Sons in our Haggadah to uncover the redeeming element of the Simple son; then move into Yachol MeiRosh Chodesh to understand education as anticipative and, thereby, future-oriented — contrasted with the Seder as participative and, thereby, present-focused.

Wise and Wicked, Within and Without | Pesach Series Pt. 11

Today’s episode takes into the psychology of the wise and wicked sons to uncover the Haggadah’s first two methods of conveying freedom’s implications to the heart of the next generation.

The Guide to Freedom | Pesach Series Pt. 10

In today’s episode, we come to understand true freedom as a result of having the Guide to Freedom, our beloved Torah. The Haggadah’s words of Baruch HaMakom Baruch Hu embody this notion and segue into the presentation of the “Four Sons”.

Experience Your Roots | Pesach Series Pt. 09

What if I already know the Pesach story – what’s the point of spending another night talking about it? Today’s episode highlights the story of Rabbi Akiva and his colleagues in Bnei Brak, along with the teaching of Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah, with the goal of understanding the Seder not as informative but as experiential.

Four Changes and the Novelty of Freedom | Pesach Series Pt. 08

Are there really Four Questions at the Pesach Seder? Would we really have been slaves today, all these years later, were it not for the Exodus? Join us in a discussion about Ma Nishtana and Avadim Hayinu in today’s Pesach episode.

Living History | Pesach Series Pt. 07

Today’s episode brings us through Yachatz and into the heart of the Haggadah, known as Maggid. We discuss the paragraph of Ha Lachma Anya as an invitation to traversing our ancestral journey from slavery to freedom.

Kiddush and the Dip of Curiosity | Pesach Series Pt. 06

Today we begin our dive into the Haggadah itself, studying the first three steps of the Seder – Kadesh, Urchatz, and Karpas – to find the meaning of these moments as they lead the way into the Seder.

Manifest Freedom | Pesach Series Pt. 05

We conclude our Rambam introduction to the Seder Night by learning about the three things which must be spoken about on Seder Night, as well as understanding how we are meant to not only experience freedom but manifest it in our lives and behavior as well.

Begin With the End in Mind | Pesach Series Pt. 04

Our next clue into the structure of Seder Night comes through contemplating the seemingly strange way we are meant to tell the two stories of our freedom – by interpreting a set of verses in Deuteronomy. Join us as we discover why.

A Tale of Two Freedoms | Pesach Series Pt. 03

Today’s segment brings us into the dual narratives of the Seder Night: one, a story of slavery to emancipation; the other, a more broad history of our national journey from intellectual darkness to enlightenment.

Creating Curiosity Through Change | Pesach Series Pt. 02

We continue our explorations of Seder Night through the lens of the Rambam by discussing the concept of recognizing difference and change, and how curiosity opens us towards freedom.

Primary Goals of the Seder | Pesach Series Pt. 01

In this series, we will be unraveling the process of Seder Night. We begin in today’s episode by exploring the fundamental goals and requirements of the Seder and how they influence the meaning of the night.

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