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Torah needs to be relevant and accessible to Jewish people in every generation. We live in a world where all the content we take in is polished, well-produced, and relatable - and Torah should be no different.

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We’ve created SinaiStudios, a premium podcast production studio for disseminating high-quality Torah ideas for the modern viewer. Discover the power of Torah through high-quality engaging educational content, and experience Judaism’s timeless messages in a completely new way.

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Sefirat HaOmer Day 10

Join us as we reflect on the actionable insights for personal growth each day of this rich season of the Jewish year.
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"The reality of the world is today that we're more connected than ever, but a lot of the things we occupy our time with might not be the most spiritual items on the phone. So to be able to supplement that with premium Torah content is very exciting."

Maxx B.
Columbus, OH
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"We live in a world where shows we watch and information we recieve - everything is so professional, so quick, so enticing - and I think that Torah should be even more so. I think SinaiStudios is going to give the world Torah presented in a super appealing, interesting, fascinating, captivating way - and I'm really excited for that."

Michal P.
Lawrence, NY
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"It's amazing to have a platform where you can have amazing speakers, incredible content, with high-quality video and recording in a beautiful, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time - it's an incredible thing."

Daniel L.
Columbus, OH
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"Every generation has their way of how they brought Torah to the world. THIS is OUR way of bringing Torah to the world!"

Meir D. P.
Columbus, OH

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Strange Fire

The mistake of Nadav and Avihu

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Join us as we explore the contemporary nature of Judaism and its’ timeless teachings which can shape our lives today. Rabbi of Beth Jacob of Columbus for almost a decade and a powerful voice in Jewish leadership, Rabbi Avi Goldstein offers daily doses of digital Torah and inspiration on weekdays, along with weekly specials where he interviews meaningful members of the Columbus Jewish community. Discover content on YouTube, FacebookAnchor, or wherever you listen to podcasts (including Apple and Spotify!)
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The Chaim Davies Show

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